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The original Zen simulation - authentically recreated for Windows Phone. It's published on the marketplace and everything - it's almost like it's a real app!

More details on the marketplace page (see left).

The source code is available here:

This section exists because both robotfindskitten and Zune hold a dear place in my heart; however, Microsoft's apparent decision to discontinue most everything Zune means that this project will become increasingly difficult to compile and run in the near future. I cannot provide support for compiling it; it worked for me in 2009 but sadly I cannot guarantee it works now. As such the content for Zune below continues to exist purely for its historical merit, since kitten-finding has never been, and I fear will never again be, so squircle-y.

The original Zen simulation, now for Zune.

The latest version can be found here:

Legal and contact information can be found within the archive.

The original
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